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M4800 and Nvidia K2100M Video / Optimus Issues

Is anyone else having issues with their M4800, running a Nvidia K2100M, and system crashes, lockups, and video drivers not loading?  I have an open case with Dell support and so far they have been unable to resolve it.  It is one of the most peculiar issues I've seen on a Precision Laptop in a long time.  The system is running Win7 Pro x64 and has a standard HD screen (1920x1080).

Basically, I can't get the Nvidia driver/card to work.  The system worked fine for the first couple of months we had it, but then started acting odd.  It would not POST, so Dell swapped out the motherboard.  It would then POST and I could then log into Windows, but then I couldn't get external monitors to work right with a dock. 

I then started troubleshooting with the laptop by itself and discovered the Nvidia driver would not load and device manager said it had insufficient resources to load.  Dell then swapped out the Video card, but the same problems continued although device manager now says Windows has stopped this device as it has reported problems.  What problems, it is a brand new K2100M card? 

I have tired a lot of different permutations of removing/installing the HD4600 drivers and the K2100M drivers, along with different K2100M driver versions, and all bug out with either a BSOD, system lockup, or the Nvidia driver just not loading with the error mentioned above.  I always install the HD4600 driver first and then the Nvidia driver.

I've also re-installed Windows twice, once from the system recovery image and once from the Dell Win7 installation disk and all yield the same issue.  I've removed memory modules one at a time with no change.  Diags have always passed on the system as well.

Very strange problem.  Has anyone else seen similar issues or have any suggestions on what else I can try?  I am waiting to hear back from Dell support on what they want to do next, but in the meantime I am also looking for answers.



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RE: M4800 and Nvidia K2100M Video / Optimus Issues

I have an M4800 (out of warranty so Support is no help) with the Nvidia K2100M card.  i have physically verified the card under the keyboard and palmrest.  

i cannot get the Dell or Nvidia drivers for Windows 7 to install.  both will say that there is no Nvidia hardware present.  

I have found the posts on the internet saying to uncheck "Enable Switchable Graphics" in the but that never helped. and every time i went back into the BIOS again, the box was checked.  

i have found posts that talk about looking for the card in the Device Manager as a hidden or unknown device but looking at the Vendor code in the hardware ID, but even there i can't find any NVidia device.

anyway, can you tell me at least how to get the Nvidia drivers installed?

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