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M6400 Dead Again- Flashing Caps?

Ok, had a no boot problem once before about 2 months ago, turned out to be a bad motherboard.  It would power-on, spin the CD-ROM and ten take a horrendous dump to a no power state.    Just like the last time, it happened overnight, whilst I slept.  My laptop was on my desk chill'n like a villian, and when I awakened (awoke?), the power light was on, the lights on the left side of the keyboard were on... but nobody was home!

I forced a power-down by holding in the Power Key... Then tried to turn it back on... just the blinking CAPS light... nothing more.  After removing the battery, adapter, and going through the whole dance of, "adapter or battery at fault?" I figured it was neither.  Both work in my wife's laptop. 

Normal Dell troubleshooting tells me it is a memory error, but past laptops with mem problems have presented with 10 blinks, then all dash lights, then none... this blinks the caps light until the cows come home...

Should I bother ripping out 2 of the four modules and see what happens or just open a ticket?

Thanks in advance...

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