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M6500 Build Information: Parts, Knowledge, Guidance, Etc...


here is an update to this post. I have found an i7-X940 @2.13mhz. ive also added  NVidia FX 3800 Quadro w/1gb gpu. the current set up for drives is 2ea 120gb ssd's and 1tb sshd. ram is 32gb corsair vengeance. also in stalled a bcd BT/Wifi module. so far pc is steady and running normal. I do plan to replace the sshd with another ssd. I really don't see the great speed difference between ssd and hdd. maybe never will.


I recently purchased a Dell M6500 i7-270QM. Mfgr. Date: 6/10. Im wanting to upgrade the internal hardware. If you can provide me with any information from a past build or part failure, even general knowledge with these machines id appreciate it. Below I will list the parts I want to change and what I have done. This may not make sense to some but I need a project and love these big machines. I have a lot of time on my hands and enough money to buy parts slowly. I have seen prices for most of the items I want and was a little shocked after six years of service on this machine. Yes, iam researching this machine daily on WWW. to get as much information and insight as I can.

1. CPU: i7-920XM 2.0GHz 8MB: im told by Dell Tech Support this is only CPU I can upgrade to with current MB & Chipset. If you know of better combo that will fit please let me know. it was difficult getting straight answers from Dell. Im not knocking them, just more interested in new product. maybe I got wrong Dept. I would like newer and faster, but will get what circumstances demand.

2. GPU: NVidia quadro FX 5000M 2.0GB: these puppies are expensive. I have been to ebay and they are not cheap. they are not very plentiful either.

3. Wireless Bluetooth 365 Module 2.1: haven't found one yet. it seems to me that there should be a card that can handle BT and Internet (wireless) and Ethernet wired. I could be wrong. this module didn't show up in device log when read by Dell. I checked original build and current configuration.

4. Broadcom BCM57618 Wireless/Ethernet: Dell Tech Support gave me this number and said it would cover item three. problem is I cant find it anywhere, not ebay, amazon or Broadcom website. I searched their entire product line manually.

5. WUXGA RGB Screen 1920x1200: this will be one of the last items if at all. I have found it and prices are manageable. right now it is not important enough to worry about, for me.

RAM: I have purchased 32GB of Corsair Vengeance. will install this weekend with 2ea. 1TB HDD. they are not matching. I will leave the DVD/CD installed for now. if I get the rest of system upgraded I will be matching, most likely 2ea. SSD and install a BD/DVD/CD combo. maybe a third drive 4/5 TB HDD. im not sure. Bluray can always be external.

Body Panels: ive actually considered buying the Covet panels, frame. I really dig that burnt orange. the red for Covet M6800 isn't bad either. though I don't want to spend $5K for pretty panels. well see.

So, if you believe you can provide me any assistance I would appreciate it. I try to skim the community daily and help those I can. which isn't a lot, but I never over steep my knowledge base. mans got to know his limitations, ha ha....

Thank You

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