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M6500 FIPS Drivers for Win 8.1


i have an M6500 that i recently installed a fingerprint reader in. i was running win 7 and machine was in great working order. after i loaded the drivers for fips my computer freaked out and i fresh installed win 7 OS. at that point things got really bad.

at that point i used a dod scrubber program to wipe all ssd drives and started completely over. i reinstalled win 7 and could not get it to update, of course IE 11 would not update. after a lot of research i found there is an update by MS in june/july for win 7 that keeps win 7 from updating without it.

so i scrubbed all drives again and removed ssd #2&3. at this point im very frustrated and just cant understand MS and Dell with drivers that dont work, updates that basically disable an OS, blah blah whane.

i ended up installing fresh win 8.1 and reinstalling ssd's. win 8.1 updated and system is now operating normal. though the control vault is for "NO" fingerprint reader. also the device manager does not see the physical device, i assume that is due to having no drivers for device.

if you could help me out with this i would really appreciate it. i have spent a year upgrading and refurbishing this machine. i really like it and would like to get this fixed. my knowledge with hardware is good, but my software experience is lacking and limited. thank you all in advance.

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