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M6500 boot from msata SSD with both HDD1 and HDD2 installed

New to the forum  -  please be gentle with me.

Maybe old topic - but no real solution found till now.

M6500 won't boot from msata SSD drive (crucial m500 / 240gb) when both HDD's are installed.

No prob to boot when HDD2 removed.

Doesn't even show in boot menu so cannot add to boot sequence when all 3 drives installed.

Laptop has been updated to latest bios (A10) and set to RAID, SSD has been firmware updated too (before that it would not even accept Win7 install).

Any idea?

I want to use all 3 drives, so HDD1 + HDD2 configured as RAID0 or RAID1 would be my last option - if this helped...?

Thanks in advance


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