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M6800 Win 8.1 Pro crashing due too Client Security Framework

Hi,  I have a new M6800 with the FIPS fingerprint reader (the large one you press your finger on, not the smaller one you slide your finger across).   Windows 8.1 Pro crashes a minute or 2 after startup almost every time I start the  computer unless I wait a few minutes before logging into windows.

I tracked down the problem (I think) by searching the event logs and if I disable the DellMgtAgent service then the  system is stable.  I enable that service and log into the computer after it starts and it crashes every time (unless I wait a few minutes before logging in). 

When I disable that service the computer seems OK,  but something tells me I shouldnt disable that service,  Dell put it there for a reason and I am sure it should be runnning (and starting when it is designed to). 

This is the name of the executible that is the service itself: C:\Program Files\Dell\Dell Data Protection\Client Security Framework\Dell.SecurityFramework.Agent.exe

That should be the same for everyone elses computer assuming you installed everything in its default location.

Does anyone have any experience with the Dell  Management Agent Service and can help diagnose the cause of the system crashes related to this service?

I had to install the Windows the OS myself since I added hard drives to the computer when I received it,  I added the 512GB M6M Lite-On SSD mSATA card to the 512GB M6S SSD drive and set up a RAID-0 array with the 2 Lite-on SSD's,  so I had to install a clean copy of the Windows 8.1 Pro OS from the USB stick that came with the computer.  The drivers and  Dell system software were not on the USB recovery stick, so I had to install everything else other than the OS manually and I am concerned that I did something wrong and that is the reason for the repeated crashing (blu-screen that does a crash dump then restart the computer).

I'm not sure if this is related,  but twice I saw the followinng error in the event log about 20,000 entries in a row over a few seconds time:

Device responded with an error status.

Status: ReaderCompletionUnknownMsgType

This error happened last night with no other symptom of a problem, but I wonder if the reader it mentions is the smart card reader?  It might  be unrelated but I think it was worth mentioning.  Perhaps I will start another discussion about that one later..

Any help would be appreciated


The system is an M6800,  i74710MQ 2.5Ghz quad core,  FirePro M6100 GPU, 16GB ram, Dual Lite-on 512GB SSD's (1 mSATA + 1 SATA) runninng as a 1TB RAID-0 Array,  Dual 2TB seagate M9T hard drives (1 SATA + 1 optical bay HDD) runnning as a 4TB RAID-0 Array with the OEM Blu-Ray Writer runnning externally via a USB adapter. 

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