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M7510 Wont boot - clicking noise

My M7510 has stopped booting. I have tired everything noted in support. 

Even with no batty I can not get it to boot.

I plug in power supply / original and seems ok - I also tired the power supply from the dock which is same part number. Sometimes the charger lights go dim and no power button light. This is the same for both power supplies. If I uplug the light comes back on full on the charger. Ive tried with all ram removed fro mall slots, plugged the CMOs battery. All I hear is a quiet ticking around the enter of the mother board form the bottom.

Press power button and I hear a few quiet clicks then power light goes off. It loops a few times then stops completely. No other lights flash for diag read out. Only the power button and the small power led  on front bezzle flashes then the loop starts. 

not too long ago I had a new motherboard fitted and 2 sticks of rem when the laptop would only post with 2 stick of ram. the engineer said the pate on the GPU and CPU was dry as well as the ram slots playing up.

The laptop fans always seems to go to max even when just steaming from iplayer and so on. Laptop always had seemed hot since day 1. I run a lot of VBA and Excel but thats all. Bo CAD or such. I would have thought this would breeze through the processing with no issues. It did do things fast but was always very hot ad noisy. Since the new MB was fitted I did see artifacts in video that were not there previously but I put those down to internet speeds playing up.

I had no issues other than above, last shutdown was normal.

Laptop is a certified refurb.  32gb ram, 1TB SSD,  i7-6920, AMD FirePro W5170M, etc...

Desperate to get this going its my work laptop.

I'm still well within warranty but if there is a quick fix rather than waiting on an engineer it would be good to know.

Is there an option to get a new laptop as this is the second major failure ? I'm smuggling to trust this wont go bang again and its not a cheap throwaway laptop even at refurb prices.

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