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MKS14 Dock Freezing with Precision 5510

Several times a day my monitor – which is connected to my laptop via displaylink through USB – will freeze, meaning the image freezes.  My laptop screen still works, and I’m able to continue to work on my laptop, but it requires a full restart of the computer in order to connect to my external monitor again.  When this happens, the USB port the monitor was connected to will stop working  (see screenshot).  Uninstalling the device and then allowing Windows to detect it and install it again does not solve the problem, it still gives the same message.  I’ve tried everything listed on the displaylink website (found here) to fix this issue, but nothing works, not even bios or firmware updates.  

I also contacted displaylink and sent them hardware logs, and they said:

"I can see the problem in the logs of the USB hardware just stops responding to our driver so we can no longer update the screen. This looks like a hardware issue and it would be best to contact Dell for support with this issue."


Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?  My monitor is almost unusable at this point since I know it will freeze at any moment.  

My hardware:

Laptop:                 Dell Precision 5510

Monitor:              Dell U2715H,  connected through the displaylink dock

Dock:                     Dell MKS14

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