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Media Direct again....


new to the community and im aware that there are many posts about media direct.

I had similar problems to everyone when i first bought my xps1530, it wouldnt play blurays or sometimes certain dvds. It said i needed an update, i would update to the 3.5 patch, then it would say i needed an update etc etc etc .....

I eventually gave up on it and bought powerdvd8ultra (with much bitterness about dell). Recently even this has been playing up after an update (why cant i find something that just works?) and i tried media direct again. I saw that there was some new patch that you had to down load separately (since dell werent releasing it), the 4.7 version. I did this through a link from these very forums, but it didnt work. I ran the program and it just simply ran the 3.5 patch update wizard again!!

So Im a bit stuck again and thought id try you guys before forgetting about media direct once again.


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