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Media Direct

I recently installed a new hard drive in my XPS M1710 laptop. I wanted to retain my Media Direct functionality so I contacted Dell for a copy of the Media Direct software (no disk was provided when my laptop was shipped to me). Amazingly I was sent the CD along with all the other CD's of the software that came on my laptop.

But now I am having problems. I repartitioned with the CD. Installed the program in XP. But every time I  push the Media Direct button with the laptop off (in XP it loads the program no problem) I get a NTLDR is MISSING error(and XP won't load). I have repaired Media Direct and can now boot into windows but if I push the button with the laptop off I get the same error over again.

What is the solution...Or do I just give up on Media Direct?

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Re: Media Direct

I am in almost the exact same boat. I had that issue and it errored with something about the MD partition Error. I would like to know how you went about getting your CD. I tried contacting support, but I would have been more successful talking to my neice (3 year old). He kept repeating the same steps that had not solved my problem, and did not make sense to my problem. Tried the repair disk and it pooched my mbr, which I fixed.

 Bottom line, did you ever fix your issue, and if so how?
If anyone else has encountered my issues and has fixed them, I would appreciate some guidence.


I could rant all day about my recent expirence with Dell, but this should sum it up. Yes we were "discussing" Media Direct. 
Customer: "I see, I assumed you would atleast be able to tell my why it doesn't think its a dell computer" 
Guess who: "Well for that you can always contact the manufacturer or google it,"

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