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Memory above 2gb not recognized


I have a problem with my physical memory. The 4gb memory card stopped working a couple of days ago and i just bought a new one. The strange thing is though, that this one doesnt work either.

The problem is not in the slots, since the other card that was already in there (2gb) works in both slots. 

I also checked the max memory in msconfig, but that box is turned of and I ran a  memory test in windows (but it didnt find any problems). It seems that the laptop just suddenly stopped recognizing memory cards over 2gb and i cant figure out what to do. 

System details:

Dell xps L702X 

64 bits

Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz 

Many thanks in advance!


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RE: Memory above 2gb not recognized

Put the 4G card in the slot originally occupied by the 2G.  If it works there, the slot where it doesn't work (but the 2G does) is bad.  If it doesn't work in either slot, the memory module is bad.

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