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Memory upgrade problem Latitude D830

BIOS updated to v17.  

Win7 Home Premium

Tried to install two 2GB dimms replacing two 1GB dimms.  When computer re-started displayed message that "memory has been changed" and do I want to run "Setup", "Diagnostic" or "Windows 7".

Regardless of which choice I made computer would eventually display BSOD no matter how many times I tried re-start.

Memory modules are:  PC5300 DDR-2 667MHz SODIMM Memory Upgrade 4 Dell Latitude.

When I removed just one of the 2GB  dimms and re-started computer got same message "memory has been changed" so I ran "Diagnostic" which hung so I cancelled, then System Repair launched then System Restore launched, and eventually booted into Win7.

Any help, ideas, or just chuckles as to what the heck is happening?  Never had this memory upgrade problem with other laptops.


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