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Memory upgrade problem

I have a Vostro 1500 with 2G DRAM.  I called Dell with my Service Tag number and asked what I would need to purchase to upgrade to 4G.  The agent told me I could buy a 2G module and add it to the 2G’s already installed. 2+2 make 4 so that sounded o.k. to me so I ordered the $82.00 module. 

When we opened the memory covers, we found that I had a 1G module in each of the two memory slots. So now I can only get 3G’s of installed memory.  I called Dell and they say I have to buy another $82 module, but I think Dell should send me the module for free because it was their mistake, or at least adjust the purchase price. 

I was on the line 43 minutes, transferred 5 times, explained my problem 5 times, and I still can’t reach anyone in charge to present my case.  Is there a way to reach Dell management?

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Re: Memory upgrade problem

There's no way they'll do anything other than take an order for another 2G module.  At that, if you plan to install 4G, be sure you've bought a 64-bit version of Windows (if you have the one that came with the system, it's 32-bit and you won't see all 4G).


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