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MicroPhone array,sigmatel high defnition audio codec



I am having DELL Inspiron 1525 and have intalled sigmatel audio device driver.

My problem is with the microphone(array),i am not able to hear my sound when i use and save through windows sound recorder.Also when i am using skype the other party cant hear my voice.

I have installed driver so many times,but still not able to rectify the problem.......

what should i do..........I get some worst sound,when i playback after recording....

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Re: MicroPhone array,sigmatel high defnition audio codec

windows version, please.  tell us what version of windows you are using so that we can help you further.
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Re: MicroPhone array,sigmatel high defnition audio codec

I am having similar problem.  Also with an Inspiron 1525.  Sigmatel HD Audio driver. Windows Vista x64

I am trying to record streaming audio from a radio station with adobe soundbooth.

The problem is that it is also picking up audio from the built in microphone next to the built in webcam.  There is no way to control the level of the mic separate from other sound nor can I disable the mic. If I turn down the mic volume in the Dell Webcam Center audio controls, it turns down the levels of all of the audio in Soundbooth (although I can still hear the streaming audio through the speakers.   In the Sound properties dialog box, under the Recording tab, there is only the "Microphone / Line In"  and "Microphone Array" and this is with "Show disabled devices" enabled.  If I disable "Microphone Array", I can still hear the streaming audio through the speakers, however, no audio records.

Why Vista got rid of the advanced recording controls that XP had, I have no idea.  XP has separate controls for Wave, Mic, Spdif/midi, and others but most importantly: What you hear.

So, this seems to be a problem with the Sigmatel drivers or maybe Vista's audio.  I am curious to see what would happen if I install XP on this setup, but that would be alot of work and I don't want to lose out on the benefits of a 64bit OS.

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