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Monitor Brightness

I seem to have lost some of the brightness and contrast on my laptop (Studio 1737) screen - since a technician fiddled with my PC.

How do I brighten the screen?


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Re: Monitor Brightness

I have cats recently stayin' with me ... they like to sit on keypads, keypads get attention, by extension I guess keypad equals attention ... though, sometimes, cats sitting on the keypad messes up what's on the screen ...

... I decided I'd out smart 'em ... there has to be a way to close the lid (while the music keeps playin') without puttin' the notebook to sleep, right? ... found that, no problem ... but, now (at the time) the screen isn't as bright for some reason when the power chord is plugged in (on battery nice brightness still) ...

... I look on the start button help ... it tells me about Windows (not Dell specific) and that there should be some manual adjust, like on the front of the computer ... nope ... all around it, nope ... I look in the manuals that came with the pc (thinkin' this isn't a very funny joke how much harder the screen is to read, like it's a bug that says "oh yeah, well if you think you can outsmart the cat ... ") ... skimmed booklets for those symbols ... then I decide to try Dell help ... found your post and no others immediately that looked like maybe same problem I have ...

while signin' up for a forum account ... I'm still tryin' to find if those symbols are somewhere ... lookin' at start button pop up, I guess, to begin ... for things on there ... not long though, I wonder about the keys on the pad themselves ... and ... bingo ... the symbol, sorta (looks more like an old tractor wheel than a light bulb), for bright up and down are on the function keys ... this notebook is an Inspiron 1545 ... F4 and F5 adjust it ...

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