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Monitor contrast when connected to HDMI port not sharp

I have a Dell Latitude 7280 Laptop with two Dell SE2417HG monitors.

The contrast on the monitor connected via VGA through an adaptor to the USB-C port is fine. The colour  on the Monitor connected via HDMI looks grey instead of black. 

I tried swapping the connections, the result is that the monitor connected via HDMI the colour seems "washed out" while the monitor connected tot he USB-C is fine. It is therefore NOT the cables or the monitor. I did a further test with an USB-C to VGA & HDMI adaptor. Connected both monitors via the USB-C port one via HDMI cable and one via VGA. Contrast on both were the same and sharp!

This would therefore seem to be the solution, however, this configuration (having both monitors connected via USB-C) only allows one monitor to extend the desktop and not both and I need all three screens to work individually.

Id there a way to set the contrast on the HDMI port? - Changing the settings on the monitor does not work!


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