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Multiple Issue Reports: Dell XPS 15 9550

After seeing the help provided by Colin-e l l *** in the CPU speed BIOS bug thread for this model, I would like to bring the following issues with the XPS 15 9550 to Dell's attention, and hopefully receive some advice or a resolution. I'm not listing issues that are likely due to 3rd party drivers (Intel graphics crash), and they are listed in priority:

  • Coil Whine: My model has fairly significant coil whine while on AC power. This squeaking noise is most pronounced while cold booting the computer, and is less audible on battery power. I have the latest BIOS installed
  • Fan while charging: While charging the battery and until it reaches around 90%, the fans run at high speed that is very audible. I do not have express charge enabled in BIOS or Dell Power Command, and have optimal as the fan setting. This has been reported by other, but not all, XPS 15 owners
  • USB-C Powershare: I use a USB-C to microUSB cable to charge my cell phone, but it does not charge when the laptop is off as when using the type-A USB ports. Powershare is enabled in the BIOS, and the phone does charges after logging into Windows. The latest Dell Thunderbolt 3 firmware was installed with no resolution. I have tried two different USB-C to microUSB cables with no change, and although this is not a huge issue, I wanted to mention it as the Thunderbolt 3 is advertised as having PowerShare and this would be convenient while traveling

Thank you for your help

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After using mine for 3 weeks my spacebar has started making squeeky noises when pressed.  Another forum member had the same issue.  Sad to see such poor QC on such a premium machine.

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I had the coil whine and space bar problems on the first 9550 I got. I just got my replacement unit and the space bar is good, and I don't think I have the coil whine as bad. Unfortunately, I'm now experiencing the fan's running constantly while charging below 90%. It's mildly infuriating because the core temperatures will all be below 30C and it won't ever turn off until I remove the cord. The fact that my last model didn't have this issue makes me question whether it is a software problem.

I'm running the latest bios (1.0.7). This is pretty much the only problem I have left and I really don't want to go through getting another replacement... If anyone has a potential solution to this, I'd love to hear it.

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Dell: any input or suggestions? The coil whine and fan noise are being discussed is other forums and can be addressed there, but the USB-C powershare is not.

Fan Noise:

Coil Whine:

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