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Multiple issues with replacement laptop and no help from customer support

After a long 4 month process my brand new laptop, with multiple issues was replaced by dell in November. However the replacement laptop has several more issues than the previous one . I have emailed every department from dell that I had contacted with before and the only response I have received was that they had tried to contact me, but the call got cut. I have not received any calls in my voicemail and no emails to request for a time that is suitable to me. It has been almost two months at this point, and no one has contacted me. I haven't bothered to call in to the customer service because it is a tiresome process to have to deal with a new person every time who isn't familiar with the case and who will inevitably have to pass the case on to someone else. Since it has taken so long, and this is a primary source of my work I have had to buy a full new laptop. I dont know what to do at this point. I would just like my money's worth... Horrible experiences with dell

These are the current issues with my dell laptop.

1.The display driver crashing every few minutes.
2.The enter key does not work 50% of the time. 
3.The laptop overheats
4.Various important applications to my work do not run properly on my computer
5. Whenever I am using a browser or watching a video the below attached warning comes, and make screen goes either white or black.
6. In other cases, a terminal window pops up randomly and a black window with a lot of code running goes through my entire screen. It is quite a terrifying experience.
7. Battery does not last more than 3 hours while using microsoft excel. 
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RE: Multiple issues with replacement laptop and no help from customer support

Hi kaiser95,

I've locked this thread as you've posted the same info here 

Colin H
Dell | Social Outreach Services

I'm based in the UK and available Monday to Friday 9am-5pm GMT

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