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My Dell laptop will not start up

I have my older Dell laptop that shut down the other day and I thought the battery had just ran all the way out, plugged it in left it to charge and when I went back it would not power up at all. My son's new laptop had this issue and the tech support had me press and F key repeatly and I think either hold down the power button or press it and let go? I wanted to try this with my laptop but can not remember what F key or the trick with the power button. Help please, hoping it's not gone had current work and family pictures on it.



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Dear Rajath,

If the laptop is non-removable battery?

Vostro 5468

Always happen when battery flatted out.



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Sir I have done  steps given above but my laptop doesnt on. And yestrday only my warranty period over. What should I do. Can it cure under warranty period in dell centre or not

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Try to do Startup Repair first.

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Please try the following:

1) Please perform a hard reset on your computer.

a. Shutdown the computer by holding down the power button from 15 to 20 seconds.

b. Remove the battery and the AC Adapter from the laptop.

c. Press and hold the Power button for 20 seconds and release it.

d. Reconnect the battery, AC Adapter and press the Power button.

e. The laptop should power on if the static charge was the cause.

Note: For laptops with a non-removable battery, please skip the battery removal step and unplug the AC adapter or charger. Press the power button for 30 seconds and then reconnect the AC adapter or charger and check again.

The following video demonstrates how to perform a hard reset on your computer: Perform a hard reset


2) Please perform one last step by resetting the Real-Time Clock (RTC).

Please connect the AC adapter or charger, and then press and hold the power button for 25 seconds.

Note: When the AC adapter or charger is removed from the computer during the reset process, or the power button is pressed less than 25 seconds or longer than 40 seconds, the RTC reset will be aborted.

The following video demonstrates how to reset the RTC: How to Real Time Clock RTC reset

Need further assistance? Use the "Get Help Now" option at the bottom right to chat with a Dell technician right away. 



Helpful video on No Post:


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