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My Dell rep admitted to the overheating problem!!!!

So... I've had this dude that I've been working with trying to find out what was wrong with my SmartStep and why it kept turning off (this was, of course, before I found this board and realized that EVERYONE was having the overheating problem).

Well, I had a scheduled call this past weekend.  The dude calls me back and says "it's still turning off?"  (this is after we've done diagnostics and a total reboot... and, btw, my warranty is over).

I told him about this board and how the processor is overheating due to poor cooling and insulation.

He puts me on hold to go "investigate" this.  About 15 minutes later he gets back on the phone and says "They never called you about this?"  I ask "who never called me?"  He answers "Dell."

Well, he then proceeds to tell me that Dell knows there is an overheating problem and they were supposedly contacting SmartStep users and asking them to send back their laptops so a new keyboard could be installed... one that allows more air into the laptop.

So, even though my warranty is up, they are gonna pick-up my SmartStep and take it back to have this taken care of... all for free.

I asked if they were going to do anything about further insulating the heat shield and he said that fixing the keyboard was the answer the company had come up with for fixing the SmartStep.

All-in-all, I'm very happy with this Dell rep.  He's really gone out of his way to take ownership of my problem and try everything he could to fix my computer.  He really, IMO, made Dell look pretty good in my eyes.  And, hopefully, this new keyboard will help (if only a little bit).


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Re: My Dell rep admitted to the overheating problem!!!!

Well thats good that someone finally copped to it!  Someone else told me about that but nobody knew what I was talking about in parts dept.  Just peel the foil off yours, im sure thats all they do.
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Re: My Dell rep admitted to the overheating problem!!!!

I've got a chance, My computer was repaired 5 (!!) times in 1 year, it's simply scandalous!
Dell changed 4 times my FAN, and 3 months ago- the motherboard, but nothing changes!
I'm really disappointed
Good luck for you, 🙂
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