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My Inspiron N5110 Shuts off randomly

I have a Dell Inspiron N5110 and I purchased it like 2 years ago and all of the sudden it is having this issue. Whenever I am working on my laptop and move it shuts off. It has to be completely horizontal and not move in order for it to continue to work. When it shuts off it completely deletes everything i was working on and it has done it quite often during timed tests. This can't happen anymore and i need to get it fixed. No damage was done to the computer. This computer has worked completely fine with no errors but shuts off when moved and i have to take the battery out and slide it back in. then sometimes it re-boots and sometimes i have to remove the battery again. when it re-boots it shows the option of start windows normally press enter, so i do. and then everything is gone and nothing is saved. What can i do to fix this issue???

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RE: My Inspiron N5110 Shuts off randomly

See if you can run the diagnostics to test all the hardware. Make sure to use the adapter in case the battery is failing. Testing can take hours. A 2-3 year old battery most likely needs replacing. That model is actually from 2011. Maybe you should think about buying a new computer.

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