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My Nags and sggestions of the Dell Precision m6700 k4000m

I just got a new Dell precision m6700 with Nvidia K4000m Graphics card.


1- touch pad and pointstcick

     a- buttons have the same smooth texture as the rest of the keyboard which make it difficult to tell which my finger/thumb is on

        Solution - Add different texture to each of the buttons so that i can feel the buttons

        DIY- use cut to size tapes

      b - touchpad is too close to the pointstick buttons as pressing the buttons always move the mouse slightly

            Solution - add more options to the Dell touchpad settings and lower the trackpad & buttons down to the lower edge.

      c- Accupoint Freezes/pauses while typing. There are no solutions to this and dell customer service recently refused to help me with this.

          The options are very limited in Dell Touchpad setting and i couldnt get around this restriction even in regedit.

          I absolutely need the accupoint working in conjunction with the keyboard for game controll, photoshop etc

          Solution for Dell - More controlls in Dell Touchpad Driver.

3. Light Indicators ( charging, Bluetooth, Volume, Activity) are too bright. There are no options to lower the brightnesss

4- Keyboard

        a- whats the point of a backlit keyboard if ii dont look at the keyboard while typing, Add textures and dot bumps on the keyboard so i can feel what im typing

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