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My Precision M6800 failed to install Nvidia driver 354.56

I have a Precision M6800 running Win7, and a Nvidia K4100M Quadro.

I upgraded to Solidworks 2016 and ran Solidworks 2016 Rx to make sure everything in my system would jive well with the new software. The report said I should install the newer driver 354.56. I ran the update but it fails, and it doesn't directly mention what is failing just that the driver fails. The update rolled back the older driver but now upon a reboot I have a black screen that lasts for about 3-5 minutes before I get the login screen, which is very abnormal. 

I've ran the driver in admin mode, and did a custom install to do a clean driver install, also I can't get the driver to install in safe mode either.

Any help would be appreciated 

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