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My XPS M1330 is facing problem of blank screen.

Hi to all, I bought XPS M 1330 Before a year or so. It worked good till last April. At that time the laptop was under warrenty. In April, the problem appeared first time. The problem was, the laptop screen goes blank though the laptop boots. The dell has replaced the motherboard. once again afeter one month i faced same problem. Again they replaced the motherboard. Both time they told me that he problem is with the Video graphic card -nvidia. After that my laptop gets out of warrenty. Again i faced same problem after 2 week of repair. So i made contact with customer care and this time they told me that the problem is with LCD screen and now the laptop is out of warrenty so i have to pay around 15000 Rs. to them to get repair work.

Now this is quite disgusting. Because i am facing same problem as when the laptop was with in the warrenty. So how they can say that i have to pay for that. So friends i am feeling that they made me fool.....

So i am not preffering DELL to any one ........

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