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My cat sat on my keyboard and now my return key opens Power Options, Edit Plan Settings

Never realized how frustrating it might be to have a non-functioning return key.  Ever since I shoo-ed my cat from the keyboard this afternoon, my return key is like a hotkey that opens the Edit Plan Settings window for Power Options in the Control Panel.  Please Please Please help me undo this!!  Thank you!   

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Hi Ssweazey,

Welcome to the Community. I did a little search on the internet, and came up with this. Try holding down the windows key, and then pressing X which will open Windows Mobility Center, close out of that windows and check if it works.

If this does not work it could be a stuck key, you can try connecting an external keyboard to your computer to check if it works. If it works then its an issue with the keyboard, so you will need to reseat the keyboard and if it still does not work have the keyboard replaced.

For steps to reseat your keyboard, log on to, click on home users, click on manuals on the right, click on get manual, click on Service Guide and you should find steps to reseat the keyboard.

Thank you


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just wanted to say thank you for this royan... i've just had the same proble and i found your post :) all solved :)



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