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My dell laptop keeps reseting.

Hello. I would like to know if there are anyways to cure my laptop from a constant reset. To start off, I was trying to do a factory reset. I ran into a message saying theres a problem reseting. (Im sure this was a mistake but) I tried running it again and its stuck around 55%. So I restarted the computer and it gave me a warning. I pressed esc then it's stuck around 55% again. Repeat the process again then I went back to the message problem reseting. I realize I have to install something to bypass it. So I continue and thats where this whole shutting off and on happened. Its gotta be the restarting ive been doing which i feel that ive shouldve done. Safe mode did no good as well as going back to the page where i reset everything from scratch and returning it back to where it was from the beginning. And the only thing works are the f12 option. Did a diagnosis and it saids this PC doesn't have any problems. even though the only problem is the computer reseting itself to the splash screen constantly. Is there other ways of resolving this? Do I have to get another harddrive or another computer? Is there any way to recover system bios or run a repair on my computer? Can you redo everything and restart from the very beginning from here? I really do need help. this is vey important.
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RE: My dell laptop keeps reseting.

Run an extended diagnostic (NOT just the quick 10-minute test) on the hard drive -- it sounds like the drive has bad sectors and needs to be replaced.  The BIOS is not the issue if the system boots correctly.  If you require further assistance, we'll need the full model information and the exact error codes reported by the extended diagnostics.  That is, Inspiron 3321, etc. - not just "Inspiron 13".

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RE: My dell laptop keeps reseting.

Info about your system might help.  What OS and if an upgrade what was the original OS?

For now, disconnect any USB devices and even remove any SD cards.  Certain types of wireless mice have had some problems.  Try taking the system off the network  

Some resets may take a while to complete.  Is it just delaying at 55% or are you getting some type of error message?


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