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My experience with Fingerprint reader and Windows 10

1.   have the Dell control vault file from the Dell support site already downloaded in a separate folder or drive.

you do NOT want the "DDPA" or "firmware update" or ""control point" files!

2.  the Dell file is not the "latest" USH driver, but do NOT install a later version yet!   (such as you will find using driver updaters).  

the original Dell file will install BOTH the Windows Biometric control vault and driver, and also install the Dell Controlvault and driver.   do you need both of those?   YES.

so what happens if you do install the 'new' Dell controlvault version first?   the new version will NOT install the Windows Biometric, which means your fingerprint scanner won't work!

3.  so when installing Windows 10, do NOT connect to the internet.  you want to first install the Dell controlvault that you downloaded earlier from Dell support.   if you connect to the internet before that, Windows 10 is going to find and install the 'new' version, leaving you without a working fingerprint.

4.  you are now able to go to settings, accounts, signin and be able to see "hello" fingerprint signin choice.  go ahead and install your fingerprints now, before any internet connection.

5.  later if you wish, you can then put in the new Dell controlvault version you find on driver updaters.  you will see both the Dell and the Windows controlvaults available for updates.   do NOT update the USH for Windows!   only the Dell one.  if you update the Windows driver it will kill your Dell fingerprint functions.

finally i am not sure about this but i think if you accidentally did install a newer version, either from windows updating the drivers by itself or because you used a "driver updater" software, you might be able to cure it by installing the older Dell controlvault file from the support site.   again, you do NOT want "DDPA" and all the others; just Controlvault.

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