My inspiron 1525 stops working

I wrote "stops working" because it remains on, but eventually you'll hear the fatidic "click" on the left side of it and the activity light dies and you can do nothing else. The pointer might move, if there was a youtube video playing it will continue to play (I guess if it was loaded), but you can't do anything else. After the click, it's over. All you can do is force it off and turn it back on. Chkdsk has run, Avast check returns nothing, cooling paste is in place and so is the fan ad the ventilation system. It makes no difference what I'm doing at the moment, and for the record I do nothing too heavy here, no games or anything.

I'm on Vista and currently using Mozilla, but this happened with Chrome as well.

I'm not too keen on installing Dell System Detect. Any ideas?

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RE: My inspiron 1525 stops working


Thank you for writing to us!

Does this happen on with Chrome or when you use the system.If it is only with a particular application then re-install the application and check if the same issue occurs.

Check if the same issue occurs in safe mode .



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RE: My inspiron 1525 stops working

Windows Vista is no longer supported. Chrome dropped support for it in April...

If you haven't already done so run the F12 preboot diagnostics. The HDD may have failed.

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RE: My inspiron 1525 stops working

No, I don't use Chrome anymore since it stopped being supported. But back then it happened that it stopped burning cds. I tried Roxio, Nero, Window file burning and Media Player burning, and they all fail. So I guess my recorder needs to be replaced Smiley Sad

I didn't know you could record in safe mode! I will try that. Quickly though: how was it that you start it in safe mode ?

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RE: My inspiron 1525 stops working

Are there any risks at all running the diagnostics tool? Will it send me into a maze I won't find my way out of?

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