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My laptop does not star up

I was having an issue with my laptop. I have a dell inspiron Touch screen , the first issue after a year and a half of use was that when I turn it off, sometimes, did not start up when I turn it back on again . Was not working at all , but I had all 3 bottoms that are in the top of the keyboard of my laptop on, I mean , the light on those 3 buttons were on. But pc seems to be off. The fan was not on . Nothing . I tried to turn it on (the laptoo) and nothing happened. So I fugue really out that I was able to turn the laptop on , once the battery was fully discharged.  So I had to wait for 1 week and half for those 3 light drained all the power from my battery.  That happens o me several times. And now the laptop when I turn it on does not show video. But when I press the power button again, shut down really quick . So, doesn't even load anything . I press power button and turn off the pc within 2 seconds

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RE: My laptop does not star up

Start by removing (or disconnecting) the battery with the system unplugged.  Hold the power button for 30 seconds.  Remove and reinstall the memory module(s) if it/they is/are removeable. 

Try powering up on AC only - if it will but won't with the battery connected, the battery is faulty.

If it still won't power up, chances are it's the mainboard that's bad.

If you require further assistance, we'll need to know what model you have (i.e., Inspiron 3147, etc.).

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