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My pointer moves to the top left icon on screen after a while

I have a Dell Inspiron 15R with windows 7 32-bit installed on it . Whenever I open my desktop and select any random icon, after some time (around 10 sec) the pointer will move on the top left icon on screen and it will freeze there . I try moving it with arrow keys and it won't move . My touch-pad works just fine and I am not pressing any key accidentally. I also tried using a usb mouse but it was still happening .Whenever I am typing the pointer would move to the beginning of the line and I would have to type all over again . If I am using Powerpoint or Microsoft word after a while it the first page of the word or powerpoint file will open . Even in Pdf files if I am reading it will just shift to the first page of the file .

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RE: My pointer moves to the top left icon on screen after a while

Hi kunals902,

Thanks for posting.

Here is some information you may find useful.  Hopefully it will resolve your issue.  If not, please post back here so the experts on the board can respond.  Thanks.


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