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My screen goes blank after Dell logo start-up

Recently, my laptop had got a corrupted Windows 10 Boot OS problem. I took it to the Dell service centre and they told me I'll get Windows 8.1 as it was what it originally came with. I was okay with it. When, I got back my laptop, I upgraded all my driver's as usual after a clean install. I upgraded my Intel Graphics but after which I couldn't access the control panel. I decided to roll back. After sometime, I decided to retry upgrading the drivers and during which my screen went completely blank and wouldn't show anything even after force restart It would just show the Dell logo and load last it but only to find blank screen. I ran diagnostic and everything showed that it was working. The BIOS was also loading. I tried going into safe mode but then also my screen wouldn't show anything other then the mouse disappearing and reappearing when I moved it. Here are the specs of my laptop:

Dell Inspiron 3537 Windows 8.1 Home Single Language

Intel i3 core processor 1.7 GHz


Intel HD Graphics 4400 ( Dedicated Drive )

AMD Radeon HD 8670M ( Catalyst Drive )

500 GB HDD

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RE: My screen goes blank after Dell logo start-up

Hi The_Zone,

Thanks for writing to the Dell Community Forum.

It looks to be an issue with the Windows Operating system since the hardware diagnostics passed without any error message.

Please follow the troubleshooting steps from following link and let us know the status:

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