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My screen has this really weird glitch when I touch the mouse pad

Please excuse me as my knowledge on computers is very limited.

I just bought a Dell Inspiron second hand. The person who sold it to me has no knowledge or doesn't want to tell me what's wrong with it. A few minutes after you power it on and start using the touchpad it will sometimes glitch. The screen will go grey and there will be lines. If I stop using the touchpad for a few minutes it will go away. But it continues to do it randomly every few minutes.

I would really like to know what is wrong with it and how I fix it. I know that it has been dropped as there is a chip in the corner under the keypad.

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RE: My screen has this really weird glitch when I touch the mouse pad

Hi nieceyrayy,

Thank you for reaching out to Dell Community Forum.

Please boot into BIOS <F2> and check if the issue occurs.

Also, have tried to update the touchpad drivers from our Dell Support site to the latest available version?

Does this happen when you use an external mouse?

Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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