Has anyone figured out how to get any customer service? like the CEO's home phone?

I ordered a new computer in October with a free promotional TV, they billed me for the TV! separately. I called everyday for 4 days, the supervisor told me to refuse delivery and he would refund my $339. Well 3 months later, no refund. All I get is put on hold. for 45-60 mins at a time. When someone does answer they can't help. This seems like a planned program to steal. I guess they figure I'll give up.

I have written to the attorney general in 2 states with no luck. BBB Today is my next complaint and if no refund every yelp type site I can find. 

my company is getting ready to order 100 new computers at the first of the year. This small minded thinking has to be costing them millions

if anyone at Dell actually reads this, 

please do the right thing and call me 

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