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NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT Drivers causes Black Screen on Inspiron 1520

I had a customer bring in her Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop because it would not boot-up normally. It would only boot in "Safe Mode".  After much searching I found that the driver for the NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT video adapter was the problem.

It seems that the last Vista 32-bit Windows update (on 12/16/2011) has changed the support code on this NVIDIA video adapter and will no longer support it in the Vista 32-bit OS. This figures being Windows Vista.

The GeForce driver that was been used when the problem started after the Windows update was dated 6/16/2009 ver. The updated driver from GeForce dated 11/15/2011 ver., also will not work. I also tried rolling back the driver to the Dell 7/1/2008 version, but this also would not work.

I ended up having to use the Windows "standard GA  graphics adapter" driver to get the laptop to boot up normally.

If you have the same problem here is how to get your lap top to boot up;

(1) When you start the laptop, press CMD 8 and start your computer in "SafeMode"

(2) Go to CONTROL PANEL, Systems, click on Device Manager, click on Display Adapters, click on NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT, click on Driver and click on Uninstall Driver, and uninstall the current NVIDIA GetForce driver.

(3) Go to Start, and Restart the laptop in normall mode.

The computer will now reboot into normal mode. If the Plug and Play program wants to update the NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT driver, pick the "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" driver, as this is the only one that will allow your Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop to boot up in normal mode.

You would have thought that Dell would have informed MicroSoft about still having laptops out there that were using the GeForce 8600M GT graphics adapter so that Windows would have included them in their 12/16/2011 Vista 32-bit Windows program update, but I guess that is just how BIG companies are.

Philip Reitcheck 



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