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Need Diagnosis Help - No Boot+Black Screen, Studio 1737

Need some diagnostic help with my Dell Studio.

I hit the power button, and it makes the usual noise and the power indicator on the front of the laptop lights up, as does the power button. After a few seconds, the power indicator light on the front of the laptop goes off, but the power button stays lit. Screen never changes from black. If I press it again, it "turns off" with a little dying whine sound.

If I hold the "d" key while booting, I can get the screen to flash a variety of colors (grey, red, green) for about 30 seconds, and then all the LEDs on the front of the laptop light up from left to right and back to left again (the ones that you can use to control volume, etc.), and then the laptop goes quiet. The power button is still lit, and pressing it again at this point gives me the same little dying whine and then silence.

Things I have Tried...
- Starting the Computer with battery, with AC adapter + battery, with ac adapter only after holding down power button after removing battery, and replacing battery with a new one. No changes.
- Replacing LCD cable (a suggested fix from another site after the results of holding the D-key on bootup). No changes, can still replicate the colored screens while holding D-key on bootup.
- Holding Fn, F2, F7, F8, F12 during power-on. No changes, no indicators.
- New thermal paste on CPU + Video Card. No changes.
- Connecting to second monitor via HDMI cable. Displays [No Connection].

Warranty long expired.  Fairly comfortable making most repairs myself, but stuck on diagnosis stage here.
Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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RE: Need Diagnosis Help - No Boot+Black Screen, Studio 1737

You will need to replace the mainboard:


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