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Need New Dell Laptop

Greeting... ii'm adnan

i need new laptop because my old laptop can't support my work now..

 if you have good recomendation for me what type of Dell laptop that good for me. please tell me..

Thank You

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RE: Need New Dell Laptop

Screen Size ?

13.3' and inferior : Light, for people who need high mobility with low weight (< 1.5 kg)

14 ': A good compromise with a bigger screen than 13' and an acceptable size and weigh. In my opinion : Best choice for daily use and mobility (1.4 to 2.0 kg)

15.6' : For multimedia, weight : at least 2.0 kg

Maximum acceptable weight ?

Battery and performance ?

Best endurance : Intel 8 generation Quad Core "U" chips with a 60whr battery at least.

Best Performance : Intel 8 generation Six Core "HQ" chips, not available yet.

Keep in mind that the most important sepc for speed is an SSD.

SATA is fine, look for nVme if you have the money.

Game ?

Look for dual channel if you keep the IGP.

Light game : MX 150 (GTX 950m equivalent), BF1 is playable at 60fps in low 768p

Every game in medium in 1080p : 1050 / 1050ti

Every game in medium / high 1080p : 1060

Mobility : XPS 13 quad core

Multimedia : XPS 15

Office : 5480 : Upgradable to HQ processor, better cooling and noise performance than the 7480

Office premium : 7480 (be careful, ports are on the side), smaller and lighter than the 5480

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