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Need Wireless (Wi-fi) service for Inspiron 17R 5737 laptop

Thank you.

I need wireless service on my laptop.  I own a Dell 17R Inspiron 5737.  Internet service where I rent was disconnected.  The radio wave icon in the task pane is absent.  So I checked online to troubleshoot and figure out why I am not getting a wi-fi signal even from the library that I am working in.  One response came back that I need to either update the network drivers registered with my computer or straight download a driver from Microsoft.  Fine.

The Operating System of the computer I am using here at the library is Windows XP.  The Dell page allows me to detect drivers [or here, dell.to/1SLFRJJ], but that does me no good since that page is not operating on my Dell; I get that page from the library's XP.  I was hoping that I could download the driver from this [dell.to/1SLFRJJ] page onto my USB and then from this USB download it onto my laptop that has no wi-fi service.  I was also hoping that this would not involve any loss of files or any kind of disruptions. 

So, if you can help, direct, and guide, I would be eternally grateful.


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RE: Need Wireless (Wi-fi) service for Inspiron 17R 5737 laptop

Please make sure the wireless is turn on by pressing the FN key plus F2 key - Inspiron 17R 5737 Quick Start Guide - Windows 8 ) .If wireless is on, please click on link below.

Networking and Wireless Support Center: