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Need advice on what to do next

I hope this is in the correct forum. I have a Dell Latitude E6510 with Windows 7 Professional that is no longer under warranty. 

Recently my daughter dropped it, and since then it hasn't been working properly. Windows loads fine, but once you try to do anything (open a browser/file/program?etc) it hangs and either takes a long time to load or becomes completely unresponsive. It DOES however, work in safe mode.

 That said, I'm thinking it may be the hard drive, as I did get  one of those 2000-0142 errors (it was only one error out of the entire scan--accessed via F8 key, can't remember what the scan was called). I realize this may mean replacing the drive, but I want to exhaust all other options before I spend the money.

Additional info & things I've done:

I ran the check disk utility at startup, which took almost a full 24 hours to complete. It found over 1,000 entries and either repaired or deleted them. 

Also ran usual maintenance like disk defragmenter, and freeing up disk space.

I removed the hard drive and put it back in case it had been jarred loose

System restore suddenly says that there are no previous restore points, when there had been in the past

Certain programs, like Microsoft Office will not open

I tried to use Dell's System Detect App to see if that picked up anything, but the tool will not open after it's downloaded. When you click on it, it says 'Verifying Application Requirements. This may take a few moments." It never gets any further than that. I've tried removing it with add/remove programs and then re-downloading, but the same issue occurs.

I've followed the directions on how to run sfc /scannow, but it gets hung up at 9% and then says it's unable to complete the task

I have no install disks for this laptop, but since it's not under warranty anymore, it doesn't look like Dell will send them to me. I wanted to try a factory reset and see if that would at least temporarily fix the problem. And if I do buy a new HD, I have no way to install windows and can't afford to buy a whole new operating system. I'm kind of at a loss here, because money is a huge issue. 

Does anyone have suggestions on something else I could try? Is there a way to download windows using the product key? I do have install cd's from an HP laptop, but unfortunately it's windows 7 home edition. 

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RE: Need advice on what to do next

The hard drive is indeed toast -you will need a new one.  Trying a reload will just waste your time -- the drive is bad.

You can request a reinstall DVD from Dell online in the US


Or, you can obtain the ISO for your version of Windows from Digital River and use your product key to do the reinstall. 


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RE: Need advice on what to do next

Time to upgrade to a SSD as your conventional HDD has failed:


The 256 GB MX100 is a good candidate,

Once you install the SSD you will need to load Windows manually. For best results follow my Windows Reinstallation Guide/A Clean Install of Windows:


Use A Windows 7 .iso from Digital River and the ABR program to restore the Dell OEM product activation:



HP recovery media is usually prebundled with junk so it can only install on the specific HP model. Its activation mechanism will not work on your Dell.

Dr Philip Yip
Tech Enthusiast and Author of the Unofficial Dell Windows Reinstallation Guide

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