Need help installing new screen in dell e7450

I recently bought a used dell e7450 laptop that didn't have a screen installed. I thought I could just buy a replacement screen and through it in, but that doesn't seem to be the case with my laptop.

I can't find any screw holes for me to use to mount the screen into the laptop's lid. I watched a few YouTube videos and even looked at the service manual for this laptop on dell's website, and I discovered that everyone else's laptop had the screw holes that my laptop is missing. Now I have no way to mount the screen. I have a feeling that the laptop might of had a touchscreen installed and that's why the mounting hardware is different, but I don't know for sure.

I need to know what hardware I need to buy so that I can mount the screen.

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RE: Need help installing new screen in dell e7450

This would be the part

along with this if you don't have it (you probably don't, if the original was a touchscreen.

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