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Need help restoring laptop back to factory settings

I have a Studio XPS 16. Recently, my computer just went black, and I spent hours trying to fix it. I tired F8  then "repair computer" option. But that didn't work. So, I pop in my OS disk, and re installed it. Now I can't even get the "Repair Computer" option to come back. I poping in the disk, and clicking on "Full PC restore" but it didn't work either. I launched "Dell Factory Image", and while reformatting the hard drive, a blank error pops up. Can someone please help me solve this?


Keep in mind: 

My F8 Repair computer option doesn't work

I can't restore anything.

Dell Factory Image Restore gives me a blank error.

Poping in the OS disk, doesn't do anything but reinstall the OS.

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Re: Need help restoring laptop back to factory settings

Start by running a full system diagnostic (F12 at powerup) - including an extended test of the hard drive.


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