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Need reformat disk for my inspirion laptops

When I purchased my 3 Inspiron laptops, I was told that I could later purchase the 'reformat disk'.  I am trying to find out how to do that.  As usual, the India-Dell teams have no idea what to do and keep transferring me.  How do I get the reformat disk?

We used to get these with purchase of PC's.  Either we received disks for OS and other disks for all drivers\apps, or, we received a single disk that had everything(including the 'reformat' steps so it was a 'all-in-one' kit.

Also, older PC's sometimes had this function built-in and the user could access it by interrupting the start-up sequence.  Is that available on my inspirion?

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RE: Need reformat disk for my inspirion laptops

Most Dells have a quick restore feature.  For Vista/7/8, F8 before Windows loads -- or use the Dell backup and recovery inside WIndows with 8/8.1.  For XP and older, CTRL-F11 at powerup on the Dell screen.

You can order restore discs (in warranty, no charge - out of warranty, there is a charge).  In the US, see below;  outside the US, call Dell.


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