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Need to contact the corporate office, how do i do so?

My name is Marc crabtree I purchased an Alienware M17x-R3 for just under $3,000.00. My account is paid in full however the customer service support I get from the tech call center is absolutly horrible. I have been promised a call back from several supervisors on several occassions and have never had one call me back. My laptop was not in completed condition from the very day it arrived at my house 4/15/2011. I have had 3 of them sent and every time it is wrong. So I have never actually been sent what I paid for. Now almost 2 years later and I still have a laptop that is not correct. I own 3 alienware computers. 2 Decktops and now this laptop. I have been ignored, looked over, blown off and just outright forgotten about. Ever since Dell bought Alienware it's performance and customer service has gone straight into the trash. Not to mention that you can barely understand what the tech support guys are saying because of the strong accents they have. I understand the need for multi-lingual employees however when you can not understand someone how can you get assistance to begin with? I have been more than patient and understanding but this is now completely ridiculous. It is extremely disheartening and discouraging about a brand I have always supported so strongly. Before I began purchasing Alienware I had only bought Dell. Dell has failed so completely that my business on a personal level as well as a business level have been obliterated. Even so I still deserve to receive the system that I paid for. If anyone can please get me to a person or persons that has enough decency to help a very good customer I would appreciate it. If you can not or just plain don't want to help please do not tell me you will then once again like all others dont. I only ask to be treated with respect and not be lied to. Thank you.

M. Crabtree

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Re: Need to contact the corporate office, how do i do so?



ROUND ROCK,  TX  78682-7000

(512) 338-4400

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