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Need to get the BIOS password???

Friend of mine has a Dell Insp B130 laptop that he has had for three or four years.  The BIOS password keeps coming up and he can't get past it.  He doesn't want to call dell and have them charge him $50.  He thinks its shot but I know somehow we should be able to get around it.  I've pulled the battery and it still comes up.  I have the computer # but would like to be able to get this solved without having to call dell.  But if I have to that's fine.  Just want to fix this mans computer.  Any and all help would be appreciated.




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Re: Need to get the BIOS password???

Hello gambill_a,

You need to remove the cmos battery. I found the service manual in Dell support. Here is the link ------> Manual.

Just remove the battery for at least 30 seconds then replace and fire it up.

If you need more help post a reply.




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Re: Need to get the BIOS password???

Removing the battery does nothing to the password, which is stored in a nonvolatile EEPROM.

You have two options:

Call Dell (and pay for the call) or replace the mainboard.


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