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Need to reset my Dell laptop but can't

My wife got a new Dell laptop 6 months ago and set up her account and password.  Long story short...she used it twice and 6 months later can't remember password.  Support says we are locked out and will charge 119.00 to do a hard reset.  No thanks.  I googled and found the F8 suggestion and get a F12 boot menu, but never get the advanced menu, or repair my computer choice i should have to do a hard reset?  Nothing is on the PC and i just want to start from scratch.  She didn't create any back up disks.  

Can anyone help?  It shouldn't be this hard? Its an Inspirion 15 3000 series (3558 to be exact)

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RE: Need to reset my Dell laptop but can't

Have you tried the Turn on turn off? > Power on the computer once you reach the Dell logo turn it off then once its turned off turn it on right away > You will be doing it 3 times and then turn the computer on again.

Are you using windows 10?

If you are unable to access the WinRE of the computer. You can just download the Windows 10 Recovery image here www.dell.com/.../WT64A and just enter your service tag.

Here is also the link on how you can perform Operating System Reinstallation. www.dell.com/.../EN, look for "Reinstall Windows 10 to the Dell factory image using recovery media"

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