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New Dell Charging Adapter Flickering When Pugged In

I've owned my Dell Studio 1555 for about 4 years now, and its never given me any issuses. Although recently my AC adapter cable started to fray at the end with the blue LED light, and eventually it wasn't able to charge my laptop with out tape to hold it together. So I looked online and was able to find a new AC charger on amazon for 14 dollars. Its not exactly the same as the original charger (its a bit bigger) but all and all it seems to be pretty much the same charger, and in the product description in said it would be compatible with Studio 1555's. The first day after I received it it seemed to work just fine and was able to charge my laptop with no troubles.

However the next day, after unplugging it one time, it isnt able to charge my laptop anymore! When I plug it in the indicator light on my laptop flashes on for like a second, and then it turns off and then the blue LED light on the end of the charger starts to flicker for as long as its plugged in. Also when it isnt plugged into my laptop, the blue light still seems to flicker very slightly.

I dont think the issue is with my laptop because i was still able to charge it with my broken cable. Although, I dont know if in doing that I somehow fried my computer.... If anyone has any idea what the issue here is I would really love to hear your thoughts. Thank you!

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Re: New Dell Charging Adapter Flickering When Pugged In

I would suggest you buy an OEM Dell A/C adapter, for you do not want to put your computer at risk with an aftermarket one.

You can try www.parts-people.com or contact the number for Dell Spare Parts sales team # 1-800-372-3355 (US Customers only).


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Re: New Dell Charging Adapter Flickering When Pugged In

Hi soccerdill,

If you residing in the US, you may contact dell spares to get the Dell OEM AC Adapter. Please refer to the link: http://dell.to/11GOIPD.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to reply for any further assistance.

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Amogh G
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