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New Dell Studio 1537 instantly shuts off while watching video or listening to audio

This seems to be related to the audio. I don't think it is related to video. I'll be watching an online video or listening to some audio I downloaded using Windows Media Player and suddenly, the PC just shuts off, no warning, it's just off.

I searched and found a suggestion to "Disable Bands" using "Disable 802.11a" in the device manager, thinking it might be related to the wireless connection I'm using. For a while, I thought that solved the problem, but then it happened again. I have noticed that the audio often gets a little bit scratchy...wondering if the PC shuts itself off to avoid shorting out or something.

Incidentally, I also had the problem with the touch panel or whatever it's called not working, but then it started working again on it's own. I've only owned this PC for two months and already had these problems...kinda scary.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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