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New Laptop w/ problems charging battery.

I just bought a new laptop straight from Dell, Inspiron N5110; Windows 7: Home Premium, in March of this year and so far it's been  running fine. However, a month or so ago I started having trouble with charging the battery. Whenever I plug my laptop in a message pops up saying, "The AC power adapter type cannot be determined." 

Normally, I would just unplug the computer from the charger, and the charger from the wall and then replug everything after a few minutes to get it working again, but as of today even that isn't working. The battery is down to 17% (after spending an hour to get the charger to charge) and it still refuses to charge.

I unplugged the charger from the laptop, then unplugged it from the outlet, and then reseat out my battery all to no avail.  

looked at the BIOS during the bootup and it said "AC Adapter Type: None; eSATA Type: None (though I have no idea what that is)".

 I checked the battery status and it said the battery was running normally.

Finally, I just took out the battery and tried to run the computer on the Adapter alone. It works.

I have no idea id something is wrong with the battery or the motherboard. I'm worried that this Charger issue may be either the cause or symptom of a bigger problem. 

Is there anyone with experience in this issue that can help me out?

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Re: New Laptop w/ problems charging battery.


Welcome to the community.  I am sorry to read that you are having this problem.  For more on troubleshooting please take a look at the following documents.


Since you are able to power the system with the AC adapter and the battery looks good I would have to say that the data cable in the AC adapter may have become crimped or disconnected.  It is through this cable that the notebook can see what type of AC adapter it is and how much power it can provide.  This cable can become defective while the actual power cables still work fine. It will run the system fine but it won't charge the battery.

Please shoot me a private message, just click on the link in my signature and then click start conversation.  Please include the service tag of your notebook, your name, address and phone and I will be happy to research possible service options.


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