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New Latitude E5470 Owner with a couple of questions

Purchased a Latitude E5470 (2nd owner) with a build date of 10/16. 

It is the i7-6600u (Radeon 7) FHD screen.


Here are my Questions:

When I press the power button I hear a click (towards front right of laptop in the middle of the NFC tag symbol and fingerprint scanner thingy).  Is that normal?

It appears this unit is limited to 1 DIMM.  Can I install a 16Gb DIMM?

I noticed the laptop has Windows 10 Enterprise on it (activated).  If I go onto Dell website I see the assembly specs show it came with Windows 10 Pro.  Can I download the Windows 10 Pro restore .ISO that is available on the "Drivers and downloads" tab?  Will it activate?

It appears this device supportsc cellular WWAN.  I don't see a WWAN card installed.  Is that something get from dell or T-mobile (or any other carrier)?

The device currently had an 500Gb mechanical hard drive installed.  Can i install any SATA SSD?  If I elect for the M.2 SSD version what size do I purchase (i see there are 3 sizes)?

Thank you

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