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RE: New XPS 15, 9530 WIFI issues.....

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Please use dell internal adapter, I upgraded OS to windows 10 pro and BIOS A09 there is not a single issue of wifi crash, Please log an Service request with Dell for wifi issue I hope you will get solution soon..


Thanks. I dont understand "use dell internal adapter". There is another external?
Honestly I dont trust very much Dell service, I fear having to stay a long period without computer and at the end receive it with no changes (in the best case....)
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RE: New XPS 15, 9530 WIFI issues.....

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I don't know if anyone still intereste in this issue but I finally managed to fix it completely.

If this BOSD happens to you DO NOT TRY THE FIXES suggested earlier on this forum you will just waste your time.

All you have to do is buy a new wifi card and install it inside the laptop. It sounds difficult it actually is extremely easy

the card that i used:

Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265


This actually upgrade significantly the quality signal of the wifi in the same occasion

good luck!

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