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New XPS 15 (9550) - WIFI issues


I have a new XPS 15 -(9550) - Windows 10 Pro

I am getting issues with the wifi connection dropping intermittently.

I have another two other dell laptops and the wifi connection is rock steady.

I've updated the wifi drivers to the latest on the dell site  Communications_Driver_NYN84_WN32_1.519.0.0_A01.EXE

I have also flashed the bios as per the dell site:


Finally I have removed the wifi device drivers completely and reinstalled

However my wifi connection still drops. The only way to re-instate is to switch the wifi off on the laptop then back on again.

Please can you help?

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I've installed latest version of the wifi driver (1.566.0.0, A05) and the problem seems fixed!! I'll continue testing it to confirm it.

The problem was happening with my home wifi, after suspend and with driver (1.519.0.0, A01) as reported by the PO

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Thanks Heaps!

This happened randomly on a new router whilst travelling but all other devices worked fine.

Now my Laptop's wifi has never been so good!

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